Are you really Living your Dreams?

Dreams… Passion… Success… Destiny… sometimes these are just a bunch of fancy words toying their way into our lives, motivating us to work our asses off, to reach somewhere, to achieve something that just goes farther with every step we take.
People talk about shunning rat races, and unknowingly become a part of yet another rat race and in the end, what we considered as the road less travelled, just becomes a “shortcut to winning” the rat race instead. But, before proceeding, only once in a while, have we tried to stop and see where we are? Do we try to know if we are really living our dreams? If this is what I wanted to do, you wanted to do?
Oh no, I’m not always this serious, lashing out intellectual “wisdom” on every other person I meet on street. This is something I realised working for some of the top level executives, drawing handsome salary every month, but for whom?! I have seen people work day and bight non stop, to get to that enviable position. However, unfortunately, it us rightly said, It’s lonely on top. The question that one need to ask himself/herself is if, after all this, can you actually say that you are living your dreams and you cannot be happier? If the answer comes as a quick YES, I can’t be happier for you, but, if you have to pause or reaccess or console yourself; you need to stop right there and think.
While no one else, but you, can tell if you are actually happy with the life you have built for yourself, there are some tell tale signs that might help you if you are torn between a Yes or a No.
Signs that you’re living your dreams
You do not feel the Monday Morning Blues
Everyday is an adventure for you.
You have a healthy work-life balance
You spend some quality time with your family and friends
Your weekends is not loaded with pending work files
Every once in a while you take time off to pamper yourself
You enjoy fancy vacations with your family and friends.
Though the list can go on and on, these are some of the basic areas that tell you if you are living your dreams or not. If the answer to any 5 of the above 7 points are affirmative, well, congratulations! You have found your heaven! You are among the lucky few who don’t have to work a day, because and at the risk of sounding clichéd; if you love what you do, you don’t have to work a single day.
But if, unfortunately, you find those statements absurd or think of them as stupid, I would suggest you to take a bird’s eye view at your life. To live your dreams, you don’t have to be hard on yourself.
When we think of success, everyone of us might have their own measure, but, happiness is more or less the same for each one of us – having good food and good laugh, surrounded by people close to us. Confusing success with happiness, we find ourselves spending too much time in wealth accumulation and too little time to actually use that wealth to make ourselves and the people close to ourselves happy.
I respect you for the hard work you have put in to reach where you are. I would respect you even more if you would take time off to love yourself, to appreciate yourself, to pat on your back and say, “Yeah man! That was hell of a journey, the journey is not over yet, but this is a checkpoint and the view is great so I’m going to pamper myself a little for reaching here and prepare myself to move further.”
Ask yourself if you are really living your dreams, and if the answer even differs slightly from a perfect Hell Yeah, let’s work together to bring your life and your dreams closer, let’s make your dreams real, let’s see you live them,  your dreams, let’s make them real; because that’s what I specialise in!