Google is great, except for one BIG problem

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I love Google. I can search the heck out of it. I’ve been called Google Girl and Google Guru because I can search like no other, I have the ability to go through pages of results and not get bored.
There is one problem with Google, there’s something it just can’t do. It can’t make things happen. It can tell you where the flower shop is but it can’t get you there, it can show you the worlds most amazing beaches but it won’t get you there, it can show you pics of the cutest thoroughbred pups in the world but it won’t give you one and it can show you every diet, every personal trainer and every exercise known to mankind but it won’t get you in shape!
You see that’s the problem it can tell you anything you need to know but can’t make it happen. Where as I can! I make things happen – FACT.
  • Need the perfect flowers? – Consider it done
  • Want the trip of a lifetime? – I’ll get you there
  • Looking for a designer doggie – I know just the person
  • Ready to get in shape? – Good, I have the answer to your prayers

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Ask Google for all the answers

Ask me to make it happen!