My Mother thinks she’s unstoppable

I love my mum dearly, I do but she drives me mad the way she thinks she can just do it all.

She’s 72, has a a basically unusable knee, walks with the aid of a walking stick, she also had intense chemotherapy which has left her super forgetful and constantly in pain.  So why she insists on trying to be superwoman and not taking any help I do not know.  Actually scratch that, she does accept help from me, slight problem with that is I live over 100 miles away.  I do it best though  you see, I’m her daughter, the only girl, I have been trained and moulded in the best way to ‘do things’.

How to clean, How to cook, how to iron.  My mum is the how to Queen and if you can do it her way then she’ll just do it herself.  You can see how this could be problem with all of her ailments.

Despite her teachings I am not a DIY kind of girl, at all.  I am all about GSI™ (Get Someone In™).  Not just for me but for her too.  She worked hard her whole life, single handedly bringing up me and my brothers plus a whole host of foster kids.  Now is the time for her to relax, put her feet up, take naps, learn to swim.  Why on earth is she spending time doing tasks she has neither the time or energy to do.

I don’t visit my mum enough but when I do, it has to be meaningful.  I know she wants me to clean the house top to bottom and cook a few batch meals.  I on the other hand want to spend quality time with her, listen to her tell stories of her life, eat good food together and watch her nap.  She’s beautiful, I love her.  I can’t do that with my head in the oven scrubbing for dear life.

I got here 2 days ago and went straight into get sh*t sorted mode.  Tomorrow someone is coming to perform a deep clean on the house.  Top to bottom, no messing, the place is going to sparkle.  The day after I’m meeting housekeepers.  I’ll hire one by the end of the day.  That someone is going to carry out weekly cleaning, cook a few meals, do some laundry and carry out those little tasks my mum just can’t do.

You might say what’s the big deal, you should do that it’s your Mum.  Of course, you’re absolutely right.  Maybe I’m bragging but when someone wants something done and quick, I’m the go to gal.  It’s what I’m good at.

If you’re missing out on life because you’re spending your time doing the stuff that someone else could do talk to me, it’s handled.

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